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Are you a professional in science, business, art, education or athletics?

Are you an exceptional professional in the field of science, business, art, education or athletics, and dream of earning the much-desired Green Card to secure your permanent residency in the United States? So stay tuned, Xplore has the perfect solution for you!

The first step to success is to determine your eligibility. Our expert team will help you prove your extraordinary abilities in your field, whether you're a recognized professional in sports, science, math or business. Our aim is to highlight what makes you unique and exceptional in your field.

To ensure your eligibility, you may choose to provide a unique achievement, such as receiving a prestigious award, such as a Pulitzer Prize or an Olympic medal. In addition, it is important to demonstrate your intention to continue making an extraordinary contribution in the United States. If you prefer, we have several other options for proving your eligibility by meeting at least three criteria established by the USCIS.

These criteria may include:

  • Obtaining national or international awards in your field.

  • Publications of articles in important media vehicles.

  • Recognition through publications or press coverage.

  • Participation as a jury or member of panels.

  • High salary in your profession.

  • Work presentations at conferences or summits.

  • Remarkable contributions in their field.

At Xplore, we offer all the support to compile the necessary evidence that proves your extraordinary ability. We'll gather certificates, accolades, publications, salary records, and testimonials that highlight your accomplishments and contributions to your industry.

In addition, we take care of all the bureaucratic details to prepare your petition, including the necessary forms and detailed explanations of how you meet the requirements of extraordinary capacity.

Remember that this path allows you to apply for the Green Card independently, without the need for an employer or sponsor. However, it is essential that you consult official USCIS resources or seek guidance from an immigration attorney to ensure that you meet all requirements and provide accurate documentation for a successful application process.

Waste no time and become part of the community of extraordinary professionals in the United States with the help of Xplore! Contact us today to start your process towards a Green Card and fulfilling your American dream!


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